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‘Real Talk’


An audio series of real stories, wisdom and reflections on life and entrepreneurship.

Your Experience 0:56

The collective pain and growth we’re all experiencing together…but separate. ⁠
Your OWN individual experience matters.

Cut The Fluff 0:57

Say what you mean, mean what you say. Why do we add the emojis and extra fluff to soften the blow? Here’s my insights.

No Judgments 0:52

What amazing things would you say or do if NO ONE judged you? Listen to how you can harness this powerful behavior.

Command Attention 0:54

Take the chance, command attention and take the leap of faith, because what you have to say is valid and worthy.

Mentally Unpack 0:55

You unpack your mind the same way you unpack your luggage. Your going to take one item (or thought) out of your brain, observe it, and let it flow to the next.⁠

The To-Do list 0:56

Too many to-do’s equal burnout. It’s actual overwhelming us, and most of those extra to-do lists will just end up in the ‘F*ck It Bucket”, know what I mean?!

Mind Mapping 0:54

The best way to mind map! Get your creative ideas out of your head and organize them into tangible items to create an action plan around.

Workspace Woes 0:56

Can’t make the separation from personal space to work space? Have a listen to see how you can make this transition easier. ⁠

Morning Routine 0:56

Figuring out your morning routine is everything! Be kind to yourself and try these tips.