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What Is Coaching?

A conversation for Clarity and Growth.

Coaching is an ongoing conversation that enhances your life and helps you reach your potential. It provides solutions to problems and assists in building your future while improving overall well-being and self-awareness. It’s a client-driven approach; you bring important topics, and as your coach, I’ll facilitate powerful questioning to guide our collaborative journey. 

What I Do Differently

  • Your Trusted Partner: Transparency, trust and authenticity is paramount in our coaching journey to create a safe and enjoyable environment for your growth journey.
  • Tailored to Your Well-being: Our sessions are tailored specifically to your needs, fostering holistic growth in both your personal and professional life.
  • Rooted in Science and Wisdom: I use a combination of scientific techniques and industry wisdom to build a path of self-discovery and empowerment.
  • Empowered Action: We develop strategies to propel you forward towards action, ensuring every step is aligned with your vision for success.
  • Continuous Support: Accountability is woven into our coaching process, providing you with the ongoing support you need to stay focused and motivated on your path to long-term success.

The Power of Coaching & How To Use It

Coaching stands out among transformative tools like counseling, therapy, mentoring, and consulting for its proactive, growth-oriented approach. It’s not just about understanding your past; it’s about shaping your future. Through targeted questioning, expert guidance, and actionable strategies, coaching empowers you to gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and leverage your strengths to achieve your goals.

From its humble beginnings as a form of mentorship, coaching has adapted to meet the demands of our fast-paced world, where personal growth is paramount. Collaborating with a trained coach offers invaluable benefits: personalised support, accountability, and fresh perspectives. Through this partnership, individuals gain clarity, motivation, and the tools needed to achieve their goals. Whether pursuing career advancement, nurturing relationships, or seeking life balance, coaching empowers individuals to realise their aspirations and unlock their full potential.

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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a conversational process that supports every aspect of your life and helps you achieve your personal best. 

As part of your personal and professional development, coaching will help you find solutions to complex problems and assist in building your future. On a long-term basis, coaching will increase your overall well-being and self-awareness. As a general rule, coaching is client driven, meaning, you (the client) bring forward topics of conversations and I (the coach) facilitate powerful question asking and the framework for which we’ll work in.

What I Do Differently

I’ve developed a process that combines coaching and mindfulness techniques. When combined, this process helps you thrive in all areas of your life. It’s a holistic way of coaching that unites your feelings, thoughts, aspirations, goals and purpose. I use my intuition and empathy to guide honest conversation and use storytelling as a method for self-realization. In addition to these methods, I apply my curiosity and transparency to all coaching sessions. As a result, mutual trust is established and a safe environment for sharing is formed.

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What My Clients Are Saying:

Jessica is encouraging in reaching your goals but also questioning belief patterns that don't serve you and think of alternative perspectives. She also helps you to really understand your motivation so you know your "Why" in pursuing opportunities. On top of that, she is a genuinely warm, caring person. Excited to continue my personal and career growth with Jessica and would encourage anyone to seek her help to do the same.

Client R.SLegal & Business Advisor

Jessica's a great listener, but more importantly, she asks the right questions which enables you to find more clarity about the past and present and to look ahead and define new future career paths. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better understand themselves and revitalize their professional journey.

Client P.A.Business & Brand Strategist

Jessica has a unique ability to carefully listen and pick out an aspect of what I said and help me reframe it in a way that shifts the lens I'm looking through just enough to help me see different aspects of a scenario. I find her approach empathic, deliberate, flexible, and direct. I highly recommend working with Jessica to explore your daily patterns and see if you come out with a different outlook.

Client A.H.Marketing Expert

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